Hide/unhide your files.
With one click.

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Tired of trying to unhide your files via the terminal
or remember that command you once used?

Instantly hide (or unhide) them all. With one click.


What you'll love

Always there

No need to keep looking for the right command to show your hidden files, or revert the changes, anymore. It's just there!


Just go to the status bar and click the link - or use the assigned shortcut. Yep. It cannot get any easier!

Lightning fast

Fast and efficient no matter what. In a matter of seconds, you can unhide all of your files. And they'll auto-magically appear in Finder!


In 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Go to the status bar

    FileUnhider will be there for you - whenever you need it! Forget all the weird terminal commands!

  • 2

    Click 'Show Hidden Files'

    Yes, it does what it sounds like :) - All your 'hidden' files will instantly appear in Finder!

  • 3

    Hide them back again

    Yep, just for the sake of it! - no, not really! But you don't want them there all the time, do you?

Works on macOS 10.10+.
Perfectly compatible with Monterey.

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